Big Quiffy Bingo

3 August 2024

From the towering tips of his perfectly-coiffed quiff down to the tips of his bejewelled toes, Boogaloo Stu is completely ridiculous, simply fabulous and utterly idiotic. Join him for this gloriously playful and anarchic bingo experience, where utter filth, joyous fun and flashmob dances collide! Feel the tension rise as Stu’s balls begin to churn; when they finally drop, expect non-stop nonsense, outrageous antics, buttock-clenching workouts and some ballsy bingo to boot. Stu’s gift hamper will be overflowing, so come on down and win it big! Please note - this show features sexual swearwords from the outset.

3 August 2024



7.30pm-8:45pm with no intermission

Corporation Club

From £5
18+ only. Contains swearing from the start.


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