The Queen, Shakespeare and Me

Carole Shaw & Queen Enterprises

Lloyd Dowson Meeting Room (YMCA YC)

Affectionate musical comedy tribute to a thoroughly modern, fully-empowered female role model, who headed up a country & united a commonwealth for 70+ years, earning respect, admiration & affection from around the world.

This colourful lady head-of-state reflects on her long life and reveals her ‘all’ to her people – her undying love for her corgis, the men in her life, her secret love of motorbikes, with a surprise ‘coming out’ at 96. "Age cannot wither her, nor custom stale her infinite variety".

With free cake/biscuits, SingalongaLiz & quiz. The UK’s answer to Mrs Maisel! Handbag – the regal older lady’s Fleabag!

60 mins


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Lloyd Dowson Meeting Room (YMCA YC)


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