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­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­HOW TO TAKE PART

Scarborough Art trail is an open-access marketplace for you to present, display and sell your work. It can just be for display or as an invitation to discover other work, or perhaps an introduction to other activities that you may be doing year-round, such as classes or workshops. This is your tool to help you in your artistic ventures and everyone is welcome to register to take part, whether you are a professional artist, student, or an enthusiastic amateur. Registration is £5 for YO11, YO12, YO13 or YO14 residents, and £10 for everyone else. Register here now!

Scarborough Art is also an opportunity for venues and businesses to host, programme or curate exhibitions or events that are tailored to what they want and of a style that they particularly like or suits their venue. Registrations are free for venues, who can sign up here.

An art gallery

How to register on Eventotron

  • Go to Login/Sign Up (pink button top right of your screen)
  • Input an email address and Password
  • Search for Venues or Events and click Apply

Note that any text which is red means that section needs to be filled in.

To register an Event:

  • Put a name for the event
  • Read and agree the Participant Agreement
  • Add in details of the main contact
  • Add in details of the event
  • Add an image for the brochure and for the website
  • Add an event abstract (a short, snappy introduction)
  • Add the running time (if applicable)
  • Add the age range for the audience
  • Add social media links
  • Join a Festival (eg Scarborough Fringe or Scarborough Art)
  • Choose a venue if there is already one there you want to apply to and then click the ‘Enquire’ tab to start a discussion
  • When confirmed with a venue, add the dates, times and prices for your event
  • Click finalise
  • Enter payment details (50% discount for YO11, YO12, YO13, YO14 residents)

Note that you can save your registration at any time and come back to it later. Payment does not need to be made until the event is finalised (eg if you are awaiting information on whether you have been successful for a bursary to be able to do your event)

To register a Venue:

  • Put a name for the venue
  • Add capacity
  • Add a category (standard or outdoors)
  • Add an image or images
  • Add a description
  • Add social media links
  • Add the address of the venue
  • Pin the venue on the map
  • Add any hire notes
  • Add any hire charges
  • Add a video
  • Add larger images
  • Tick the boxes for the type of space it is (choose as many as apply)
  • Tick the boxes for the facilities it has (choose as many as apply)
  • Add technical information
  • Tick the boxes for accessibility information (choose as many as apply)
  • Join a Festival (eg Scarborough Art and/or Scarborough Fringe)


There will be limited bursaries of up to £500 available for events and venues to help with costs – download the application form here. These will be administered balanced on different genres, backgrounds/needs, ethnic groups, LGBTQ+ etc.

Contact info@scarboroughfair.uk for more information and to get involved.



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