Esther’s Revenge

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Scarborough Market Vaults

Esther’s Revenge is an experiential play inspired by true life events of Esther in 1953. The sentence is death by Hanging. This participatory play explores themes around racial discrimination, gender-based violence, sexual abuse, political and social injustice.

Esther takes us on a journey through time into the events leading up to the death of Mark. The Jury is given the responsibility to vote for or against a stay of execution.

Esther’s Revenge play was nominated and won the Brighton International Fringe Encore Series Award, sponsored by the Soho Playhouse New York. Esther's Revenge ran for a 3 week period at the Soho Playhouse in January 2024 to great reviews.

Esther Ada Johnson murdered Maurice Hall in 1953 in a savage attack with a pair of scissors. Hall was a Colonial Railway worker and apparently she had killed him because he had returned from a home leave in England to tell her that he had married an English bride and had used the £400 Johnson had lent him to buy a taxi for his new bride, so that she could start a business. Johnson was tried and convicted in 1956 and sentenced to death. She remained on 'Death Row' in Broad Street Prison (now Freedom Park) Lagos.

The rest is up to you, the Jury.

60 mins


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Scarborough Market Vaults


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