Another chance to experience this fascinating, atmospheric exhibition of found, natural objects by local artist Paul Elsam.

Paul writes: "The coastline here in North Yorkshire is dynamic, offering fresh gifts with each violent new tide. It’s a landscape of crumbling cliffs, giant rocks, flash-flood mud slides, fossils, tidal pools - and strange driftwood.

I’ve always been a collector, and for a while fossils were the big draw. Driftwood seemed just that: sea-dumped tree fragments gnawed by nature, and often too-much-softened by the sea. But, bringing pieces home to dry and ‘work’ them, I could see the sea’s dynamism within each emerging shape.

I began developing my own cyclical process of cleaning, drying, rough-sculpting and fine-working - respecting, always, the emerging abstract shape within each piece (some likely thousands of years old). This exhibition marks the first time any of the work has been seen in public.

So what will you experience when you visit? It’s there in the title ‘Drift/Lit’: quirky worked driftwood, lit to throw shapes and shadows that will fire your imagination.

See you there!
Paul Elsam"

With thanks to TransPennine Express and Production Light & Sound for their support in making this exhibition possible.


20 mins


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Scarborough Station (former Travel Centre)


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